Lady Era Review from a Customer: “These Pills Really Work!”

Today we publish the review left by our female customer who purchased Lady Era in our online pharmacy. We hope this review will be useful for you.

Lady Era

“Hello, everybody!

Today I will share my experience of using Lady Era. I never thought that I would write about libido enhancing drugs because I am still young and it’s early to use such preparations. My very first experience with these pills was in 2017. I felt uncomfortable because I did not know what to expect, but I had no side effects.

Here are the feelings I experienced with Lady Era pills:

  • testosterone levels rise;
  • libido increases;
  • the drug stimulates blood circulation in the genital organs;
  • promotes pleasant sensations;
  • helps to cope with frigidity;
  • removes feelings of dissatisfaction;
  • increases sensitivity

Important: take the pill on an empty stomach!

Lady Era cost about $90 for 60 pills at the time I place an order.

I purchased 100 grams – it was the only dosage available on the website.

The maximum daily dosage is 100 grams. For me, 50 grams was enough.

Instructions for use are very simple – take 1 pill an hour before a sexual act.

Lady Era is for women only!!!

My husband’s feelings:

  • Excitation comes the same way;
  • Sexual intercourse is the same.

My feelings:

  • Excitation is intensified;
  • Sexual intercourse is more active and intensive.

I noticed that my libido increased and this is a good reason for me to place a new order for Lady Era pills, especially since it is not an expensive pleasure when you buy it online (actually, I think you will not find this drug in a local pharmacy).

Reasons to buy this drug:

  • these pills really work;
  • I had no side effects;
  • 60 pills can be divided into 120;
  • the drug has an affordable price (I buy Lady Era for only $1.43 per pill);
  • the pills are not additive

Thank you for your attention! I hope this product will help you too!”