Herbs Applied at Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

On the basis of different herbs, many modern preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and improvement of the quality of sexual life are created. Let’s grapple with some of them.


Several millennia in east medicine is asked a question what herbs raise erectile function, ginseng is used as the medicine of erectile function improvement. This plant possesses the expressed toning action exciting and stimulating sexual activity. It is applied in powders, solutions and tinctures, tablets and capsules.

For the development of desirable effect of insufficiently single reception, the multi-day course of treatment is necessary. But young people for erection improvement can take it and disposable, approximately in 6-8 hours prior to sexual intercourse.
Ginseng strengthens an erection not so much how many increases its duration. But it is necessary to remember that this plant can’t be accepted at hungover syndrome as it can cause tachycardia.

herbs for erectile dysfunction

Kola Tree

This natural stimulator is well-known in the African countries, like cardboard for an increase of an erectile function. It is on sale in the form of powder and tablets. This quite strong means, therefore, is recommended usually for elderly men with rather serious violations of erectile function.
This plant should be used in 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Uncontrollable reception can cause a long and even painful erection. It is better for the men having a hypertensive illness or cardiovascular insufficiency not to use preparations of this plant.


Rhodiola, called by also gold root, is a grassy perennial plant. From its roots and rhizomes extract on the basis of 40% alcohol is prepared. This plant during several hundred years in traditional medicine of Altai is used as the means of raising a sexual inclination and is known, like cardboard, influencing erectile function.

Besides, the Rhodiola reduces fatigue and increases working capacity. The extract should be taken till 5-10 drops for half an hour before food three times a day during two weeks.


This is the plant growing in South America was used in practice of Indians, like cardboard for improvement of erectile function and sexual inclination earlier. Damiana on the action is similar to a very weak drug, it removes the feeling of constraint and awkwardness which sometimes are the reason of defective sexual intercourse and erection in general.

Usually, the plant is issued in the form of drops. It should be noted that Damiana can’t be accepted along with alcohol.

Of course, all these herbs may be applied to erectile dysfunction treatment but really speaking there are more effective methods to overcome this disorder.

You cannot discover the continents again when there are so innovative methods to battle with this disorder and become again satisfied with erectile dysfunction.