Erectile Dysfunction: Definition, Causes and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction or, in simple terms, impotence is a common name for a large number of possible forms and manifestations of the male sexual disorder. Therefore, regardless of stage and nature, erectile dysfunction treatment should begin with the establishment of its causes on basis of an integrated approach.


Stress, poor ecology and number of other factors increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. In connection with the presence of a large number of possible factors, diagnosis is crucial for determining means and methods of ED treatment with the help of tablets or other forms of drugs.

In the vast majority of cases, erectile dysfunction treatment is simple and disease can be eliminated (pills, injections, ointments, etc.). The key to success is a relationship of treatment with the nature of the disorder in each case. If development is provoked by any diseases, specially selected medications (often pills) are used, corresponding to patient’s health condition.

The main criteria in this case are:

  • absence of side effects;
  • relapses of dysfunction;
  • effectiveness;
  • good responses.

erectile dysfunction
The same can be said about drugs used to treat sexual dysfunction caused by psychoemotional factors (mainly sedatives). However, in the latter case, psychotherapy is of great importance. Often, impotence is of combined nature, that is, it is not only pathogenic but also psychogenic. Therefore, both medications (tablets and other forms of drugs) and non-medicinal products are used for erectile dysfunction treatment and prevention.

Great importance is attached to:

  • healthy lifestyle;
  • adherence to the regime;
  • auto-training;
  • diet;
  • physical exercise.

How to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Pharmacological agents are produced, as a rule, in tablets and promote increase and hardening of the penis to carry out full sexual intercourse. Drugs should be used only on doctor’s recommendations. The specialist prescribes pills depending on erectile dysfunction causes and side effects individually for each person. The use of drugs without prescribing a doctor will not bring a proper result, but rather, on the contrary, can worsen health state.

The way of using drugs depends on specific nature of drug itself.

They can be used either:

  • orally (tablets);
  • injected into the penis (injections).

Modern science has developed many drugs for impotence therapy. The quality and the result of their application is beyond doubt.

The most common ones are:

  1. Viagra – one of the most effective drugs to increase erectile function and treat erectile dysfunction, this name is widely heard. Viagra has good reviews. It performs within 4-5 hours from the moment of admission, it is very easily excreted from the body. In this regard, 12 hours after its admission, you can continue to use other medications prescribed by your doctor for ED treatment.
  2. Cialis – effective up to 36 hours. It is actually used to unload body when taking medicines because potency will be provided almost for two days after taking just one tablet. Reviews about Cialis are most flattering.
  3. Levitra – due to the speed of action and effectiveness is used as a safety net against failures during intercourse. In addition, Levitra online is the only recommended for use by men suffering not only from erectile dysfunction but also from diabetes mellitus. This medication can be used without consequences for disease, which is a distinctive feature of great importance for a certain category of men.
  4. Dapoxetine is the preparation that prevents premature ejaculation. Effective medicine is used to treat disease. There are analogs based on Dapoxetine.